The objective of these Regulations is to support new measures under the SCCA by specifying that evidence must be provided with applications to demonstrate that requirements have been met in the following areas: language proficiency for certain minors; residency requirements; income tax filing requirements; evidence for fast-tracked citizenship applications for members of the CAF, and adoption. The Regulations also include requirements concerning the manner in which revocation notices may be sent, the designation of the ICCRC as the body whose members in good standing may advise or represent citizenship applicants for a fee, and the circumstances under which applications will not be accepted into processing when an applicant is represented by a third party for consideration.

Income tax requirements
Adult grant of citizenship
These Regulations require individuals applying for an adult grant of citizenship to provide whichever of the following numbers was most recently issued to them: social insurance number (SIN); individual tax number (ITN), or temporary tax number (TTN). The Regulations also require evidence that the applicant consents to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sharing their tax information with the Minister.

The Regulations require that minor applicants aged 14 to 17 years provide evidence demonstrating adequate knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages, English or French, with their citizenship application. Residence-Adult grant of citizenship
The Regulations require evidence to be submitted with applications to reflect the new residence requirements for an adult grant of citizenship under subsection 5(1) of the Act to require the applicant to provide evidence to demonstrate that he or she has accumulated 1 460 days (four years) of physical presence in Canada, within the six-year period immediately before the date of his or her application,

Residence requirements
Individuals requested consideration to allow those who gained permanent resident status prior to the SCCA receiving royal assent to apply for citizenship based on the previous residence requirements and/or to delay the coming into force of these requirements. As the residence requirements are legislative, and are coming into force at a date to be determined by the Governor in Council, the Regulations cannot address this issue.

Intent to reside
Individuals stated their objection to the new intent to reside provision of the SCCA, which is also a legislative requirement. The intention to reside in Canada must be maintained until such time as the applicant takes the oath of citizenship. The intent to reside provision does not restrict the mobility rights of new citizens; they are able to leave and return to Canada like other Canadian citizens.