Procedural Services

Immigration Application Process
We will start the application process once you are determined to be qualified for immigration to Canada. We will provide you with the following main services throughout the process:

Determine the best category for you
There are more than 60 ways to immigrate to Canada and you may qualify under one or more than one category. We will give you details about each category and base on your priorities we will decide which category is best for you. The factors include the processing time, fees involved, destination province or other requirements.

Prepare and submit the application

  • We will submit a professionally prepared application to the immigration office. You can rest assured that your application is under hands of experienced and detail-oriented professionals.
  • For all the applicants, we prepare a written detailed submission letter to accompany your application, summarizing your qualifications.
  • For business applicants, we prepare a formal business proposal to accompany your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • For skilled worker applicants, We work closely with you to obtain evidence of employment which best represent experience, and which is consistent with Canadian Immigration requirements.
  • Your application will contain all the information and documentation necessary to satisfy the immigration officer about your qualification to immigrate to Canada.

Communicate with immigration authorities
  • Our office will communicate effectively with immigration authorities and we will inform you about all correspondence throughout the process. We will receive all correspondences and respond to them on your behalf until such time that you are granted your permanent immigration.
  • Track the status of your application throughout the process
  • By taking advantage of an automated tool, we track the process of your application to make sure the immigration process is within the service standards of immigration offices. We will follow-up your file immediately to put it back on track.

Prepare you for your personal interview
We manage your application to optimize the likelihood of obtaining an interview waiver. However in the event that you are required to attend an interview, we help prepare you and advise you in preparation for your interview with Canada immigration officials by providing you with sample interview questions, introducing you to interview coaching teachers and/ or providing interview training sessions.