Provincial Immigration

The Provincial nominee programme has gained momentum over the past few years as the federal Government of Canada has given the rights to Provincial Government TO NOMINATE their own immigrants and workers for the province.

Since The Federal Government has suspended the federal programme, the Provincial programme is very popular.

Persons who immigrate to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program have the skills, education and work experience needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province or territory that nominates them. They have been assessed as being able to economically establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada.

To apply under the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory. Because the individual provinces and territories determine the criteria for provincial nomination, they can change without notice.

The following are the steps to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program:

• To immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee, you must first SECURE APPROVED EMPLOYMENT AND AN LMO (LABOR MARKET OPINION) then apply to the province or territory where you wish to settle and complete its provincial nomination process.

• After you have been nominated by a province or territory, you must make a separate application to CIC to apply for permanent residence.

This programme has been very effective in populating the Provinces and filling the critical labor shortage in different regions, where newly arrived immigrants.

Let our experienced team at CITRN  guide you in getting all your legal information as all the Provinces have different requirements and programme.