making an inland refugg claim procedure

  • A refugee claim has to be done from within Canada.
  • The client has to arrive here, either through a visit visa or any other means.
  • Before the client arrives we do a profiling and pre plan the case to ensure compliance with the Refugee act and making a successful claim.
  • The claim can be done at the airport but we prefer to meet the clients and do a personalized pre Consultation so that the client is assured and understand the legal procedure.
  • Once the claim is made the applicant is now considered as a refuge claimant and the procedure begins.
  • We have to put together the defence as to why the claimant life is in danger or what degree of fear is associated if he is found to be
  • homosexual in his country CITRN will assist the claimant in finding suitable accommodation that He has to pay for.
  • Once the claim is made the claimant is entitled to emergency health benefits at hospitals and doctors
  • The claimant can apply for a work permit to work whilst the claim is under process
  • The claimant is also entitled to financial assistance for basic living (rent and food) whilst the claim is being processed.
  • We also do some work inland with gay organizations and also do a medical report to establish the level of depression associated with the situation in home country. All these areas help establish the genuiness of the claim.
  • Once the claim is approved then the applicant is approved for permanent resident.
  • If the claim is unsuccessful we then proceed to file other legal procedure to assist the client in getting a permanent resident
  • We do not guarantee a successful claim as this final decision is with the government of Canada.

Please note your government has no access to this information You are allowed to travel to your country of nationality. After the claim is finished. If you leave before the claim is heard it will be assumed that your life is not in danger and the Refugee board will cancel the claim We encourage to do more reading on this procedure. Additional information can be accessed on line at