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Between June and August of 2013, the Government of Saskatchewan held consultations regarding the future of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) including the SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Owner/Operator Category. Following the consultations, the government is now announcing improvements to the SINP Entrepreneur category based on the feedback received from stakeholders and consultation with federal partners, which will be effective March 23, 2015.

Program Enhancements

New Application Process

All entrepreneur category candidates will be required to submit all information and scanned forms and supporting documents online using the SINP’s new online application portal

An expression of interest application model has been implemented. All prospective candidates must first submit an expression of interest to apply and be pre-screened against minimum program criteria before being accepted for formal assessment. Candidates with the highest points score, as per the assessment points test will be selected for formal assessment out of a pool of potential candidates, where only the highest point earners will be eligible for assessment. These selected candidates will be those with desirable qualifications who are most likely to settle in Saskatchewan and operate a business that is beneficial to the Saskatchewan economy. Upon selection, candidates become applicants, who are then required to submit additional information including the mandatory third party professional financial verification report.

A new, updated and objective points assessment has been introduced. Candidates will self-score against a series of criteria and only those that score highest will be selected for formal assessment.

New Program Criteria

Candidates to all categories must now have a minimum verifiable net worth of $500,000 that can be legally verified using one of two approved professional third parties.

Candidates proposing businesses in Regina or Saskatoon must make a minimum investment of $300,000, while applicants proposing businesses in rural communities must make a minimum investment of $200,000.

Candidates proposing businesses in Regina or Saskatoon must also create and/or maintain a least one job for a Canadian or permanent resident non-family member. There are no job creation requirements for applicants proposing a business outside of Regina or Saskatoon.

New Requirements and Nomination Process

Mandatory interviews are now required for all applicants selected from the pool that appear to meet program criteria and are eligible for approval. The interview must be completed by program staff prior to a final application decision.

Mandatory landing meetings are required for all approved applicants within 60 days of landing in Canada. Landing meetings will be conducted by one of two approved third party service providers.

Approved applicants will only be eligible for nomination after they have landed and fulfilled the terms of their performance agreement. Applicants will no longer be nominated for permanent residence status immediately after being approved by the SINP. Now, all approved applicants will be issued a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) Support Letter to be used as part of their application to CIC for a TWP that will allow them to settle in Saskatchewan and begin business operations.

The program no longer requires the submission of a $75,000 good faith deposit for approved applications. Now, applicants are only eligible to earn a final nomination for permanent residence by demonstrating they have fulfilled the terms of their performance agreement. Applicants that fail to meet terms will be required to leave Canada at the expiration of their temporary visa.

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