Temporary Foreign Worker Programme

Individuals who wish to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, such as tourists, temporary foreign workers (work permits) and international students (study permits) must apply for and be granted a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

The TRV is a document by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside Canada, showing that the holder has satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor. Temporary Resident Visas may be for single entry or multiple entry.

  • Greater access to international workers with respect to employment mobility in Canada
  • The reduction in costs for employers to participate in the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment ) process.
  • Streamlining on the LMIA process to make it quicker and more responsive
  • A ‘Trusted Employer” process to allow for quicker LMIA processing
  • Stronger pathways to Permanent residency

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